Arbroath Signal Tower Museum June 2013

Arbroath Signal Tower Museum collects artefacts, photographs and material relating to the history of Arbroath and Angus.

The collections contains material relating to the fishing heritage, along with the building’s link with the historic Bell Rock Lighthouse designed by the famous engineer Robert Stevenson.

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arbroath fishing men.JPG

arbroath harbour.JPG

arbroath lighthouse keeper.JPG

arbroath sailing ship.JPG

arbroath signal museum tower.JPG

arbroath signal museum.JPG

arbroath smokies.JPG

bell rock construction.JPG

bell rock glass.JPG

bell rock.JPG

instruments arbroath museum.JPG

instruments from the lighthouse.JPG

model sailing ship arbroath.JPG

old print signal tower.JPG

old repair yard arbroath.JPG

signal tower print.JPG

signal tower.JPG

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